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Clock tower with clock imitation 300x90x90

28.00 KM

The object is made of wood from poplar. It has a very small lightweight.  It is painted with colors on water base which are ecologically acceptable and are not harmful for people.

It is made using a high-precision laser machine so that the object can be assembled without the use of glue or any other connective means.



The Sarajevo Clock Tower is located near the Gazi Husrev-bey mosque and is one of the largest
in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in the 17th century. After the fire in 1697 when it burned
under the smash of Eugene Savoy, the clock tower was restored 1762.

After the Austro-Hungarian occupation, the upper part of the building was enlarged, and the clock
was brought by two Sarajevo merchants from London in 1874, because the old Turkish clock, which
had been on this stage until then, worn-out. The old clock was taken to Vratnik in Vratnik Mosque.
On the Sarajevo Clock Tower is in use a watch brand Gillett & Johnston that was created in London 1873.
The tower builder is Gazi Husrev-bey, one of the greatest Bosnian benefactors from the Turkish time.
The first written record of it dates back to the 17th century. The tower has 76 wooden staircases,
arranged in a square row, where they climb  once a week to set the time. It is assumed to be the only one
in Europe that shows time by lunar calendar, so the clock must be adjusted. 
This clock shows midnight
at the moment of sunset in Sarajevo
. In 1967, the clock was repaired, and the hands and numbers on all
four dials were gold-plated. When it’s the holly Islamic month of Ramadan and when the clock ticks it’s time for iftar.
At that time on the Beg mosque the lights turn on and we can heat from the White taboos the shoots of
a fireball which traditionally marks the end of fasting.


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