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Model of the Sebilj 130x130x210

50.00 KM

The object is made of wood from poplar. It has a very small lightweight.  It is painted with colors on water base which are ecologically acceptable and are not harmful for people.

It is made using a high-precision laser machine so that the object can be assembled without the use of glue or any other connective means.



The Sebilj is a wooden fountain made in pseudo-Ottoman style located in the center of Baščaršija in Sarajevo
built by Bosnian vizier Mehmed-paša Kukavica 1753. This Sebilj was located a bit lower than today and burned
in a fire in 1852 and then was moved by the draft of the Czech architect Aleksandar Vitek 1891.
This part is also often called the “pigeon square”.

In the multionational joint public art project, a contemporary interpretation of a public fountain and sights in
real figure in Birmingham was built using traditional design and craftsmanship in combination with modern digital

There is a replica of Sarajevo’s Sebilj in Belgrade, which was donated by the city of Sarajevo 1989.
The replica of Sarajevo’s Sebilj is also located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, which was a gift of the Bosnian
community to St. Louis for his 250th birthday.

There is also a replica of Sarajevo’s Sebilj in Novi Pazar. It was also gifted by the city of Sarajevo.


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